• Best Eveready Battery
  • Superior Leakage Resistance
  • Convenient Shrink-wrap packaging
  • Practical, value for money
  • No mercury and cadmium added
  • Dependable Power
  • Longest-lasting compared to other eveready variants Black, Red and Blue
  • Lasts longer compared to other brands
  • Ideal for Periodic power/occasional needs, such us flashlight, remote controls, clocks, toys
  • Longer-lasting versus carbon-zinc batteries
  • Available in AA, AAA


Pakinabang ng LED Bulb

  • Maliwanag na puting ilaw
  • Hindi na kailangang palitan ang bulb
  • Hindi nababasag
  • Matipid sa konsumo ng baterya


  • Ideal for battery users of high-drain devices such us digital cameras, wireless gaming accessories, portable audio player, camera flash and more!
  • It comes in AA & AAA sizes and allows you 100s and 100s og charges
  • Hindi nababasag
  • Matipid sa konsumo ng baterya